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ChinaBestSell is your no.1 source for wholesale IP Cameras to offer you a full solution for wireless security camera systems. This category offers you professional IP cam equipment at low factory-direct prices. Browse into the subcategories to discover network surveillance equipment ranging from PTZ (pan tilt zoom controllable) IP cameras, indoor / home IP cameras, outdoor IP cameras which are weatherproof or even vandal-proof for public spaces, and IP-enabled DVR systems, which offer a professional solution for turning normal CCTV cameras into network-enabled surveillance and video recording solutions.


PTZ IP Cameras

IP Cameras with PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) are essential for keeping track of larger areas without need to buy more cameras. The higher degree of maneuverability and control offered ensures you always get the view you need. Browse our PTZ security camera wholesale selection below.

Outdoor IP Cameras

ChinaBestSell Outdoor IP Cameras are all solidly built, usually from aircraft grade aluminum to make sure they can stand up against anything. They also include automatic nightvision for use at night, and a high level weatherproof IP rating (IP 66+) for use in any weather. If your home/office requires an outdoors security solution, then your search starts and ends here right in this wireless outdoor security cameras category.

Indoor / Home IP Cameras

ChinaBestSell's indoor / home IP Cameras are small and compact, made to fit in any crevice or mounted on the ceiling for optimal surveillance. Due to their size, these cameras are ideally placed in harder to reach locations and used to keep an eye on a specific high-importance area, for example safes, lockers, near bank tellers, on office desks, etc.

IP-Enabled DVR Systems

IP-Enabbled DVR Systems offer you a complete video recording solution that's ready to go. From cameras to cables, everything is included so don't have to buy any additional parts. 

ChinaBestSell's DVR systems usually come with 4 or 8 cameras, meaning a single set is enough to completely cover your home or office. If you need an easy-to-install security system that's completely hassle free, then look no further.

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