Smart Portable Interactive Whiteboard

Smart Portable Interactive Whiteboard

Smart Portable Interactive Whiteboard

The Interactive Portable Whiteboard replaces the need for a traditional whiteboard. Convert any flat surface, such as a wall or projection surface into a high performance Interactive Whiteboard. The whiteboard is USB powered and does not require batteries.

For education

Using the electronic pen or pointer, your students and you, will be able to surf the web, create interactive clip art and open up many more opportunities for communication and discussion in the classroom.

For Business activities

Just make your notes or drawings on the whiteboard and download them onto your computer to save, print, fax or email them, don’t you think it is helpful when having business presentation.


After the interactive whiteboard Has been successful positioning, through the e-pen can help you write words and make any good idea exchange on the board. if you think it is so amazing~

The interactive whiteboard development is a key step in the history, and realize the two-way interaction between the whiteboard and computer , presenter and audience. You can realize our company interactive whiteboard has the portable, easy to operate, easy to carry functions, if you will be the user. you will feel the high Sensitivity, it won't let u down.

The best thing is that we have two software can be chosen by customer. One is for single user, another one is for multi user, it is allowed that more than one student can write on the whiteboard at the same time.

The Interactive Portable Whiteboard is your next step to create the classroom of the future!

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