Hot Sale~Emergency Handy LED Light In-set Battery, white and red flash Light

The YDOO-MD12 is made by Led chip source, include white light and red sos flashlight. It is can be used as outdoor lighting when camping, car repairing, concert, cycling; daily light at home. Its sos flashlight can use as traffic warning sign. Just adsorb the back of car thanks to its magnet.

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Hot Sale~Emergency Handy LED Light In-set Battery, white and red flash Light


  •    Mobile phone power supply
  •    Four modes light-dimmer
  •    USB connection, repeated charge
  •    Magnet adsorption
  •    Rope hold
  •    Two color light

Products Feature

Internal Charging

USB 5V/500mA

External Charging

USB 5V/<1A



Shell material

Aluminum+ frosted PC

Dimmer light




Color appreance

Red. Blue, Golden, Silvery

Light time

100% 3h,50% 6h,25% 12h,SOS 6h


Foundation, customized USB line, rope, opreate instruction

Machine Dimensions




Functions and opreating Instructions

1:There are two buttons, one is a on-off key, other one is mode key which is used to adjust luminosity into four modes.100%,50%.25% is white light and SOS flash red light.
2:Charge mode: Mini USB access, can charge and discharge automatically.
  a:Rechargeable:Green charging Indicator flashing when charge to led light by USB              access, will keep lighting when full power.
  b:Power bank: LED light also can be used as a power bank to charge for electronic products, First make the female connector plug in another connector which need be charged, such as mobile phone,mp3,mp4,etc,when light is power off, first connect to electronics, then press on-off button over three seconds until indicator flashing, and nowcharging is worked, when light is power on, connect electronics and charging will be worked automatically when indicator is flashing, Charging will be affected by open orclose light. the power will be closed when full charging or in low power.
3:Super magnet inside the light, can absorbed on the metal surface of car or truck as auxiliary lighting.3 small iron are offered together for absorbing on the non-iron wall
4:Foundation is included, you can put the light on foundation for emergency warning as an urgent use
5:Rope is also offered, easy to carry for travel or leisure lighting.
6:Customized USB line is offered for charge and discharge
7:3 iron sheets inside the light, also can absorb the non-ferrous wall(put the irons adsorb on
  the tube, then tear off double sides tape, stick it on the wall)

Main uses

Home emergency light, travel and camping light, truck auxiliary light, car repair light, traffic warning lighting etc. This light is made by led source, energy saving and enviroment protection, easy to carry with small volume, Absolutly it’s very necessary for home, travel and car use.

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Hot Sale~Emergency Handy LED Light In-set Battery, white and red flash Light

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